Australian Researchers’ Mobility Portal

Your qualifications

If you have technical qualifications be aware that these may not be recognised in some other parts of the world. Check with the relevant embassy before you head overseas.


If you are heading to Europe, the European Union has established ‘Europass’ to help enable the transparency of qualifications between countries. To learn more, see the website:


When you go overseas you are no longer required to vote. However, there are several administrative tasks that require attention to if you wish to continue to vote in Australian elections. See the Australian Electoral Commission — Going Overseas? — Frequently Asked Questions.


Your host institution overseas may have ideas to help you find the right accommodation. Some institutions will provide housing for the duration of your visit, or for a short period whilst you look for a place of your own.

For private accommodation swapping/sharing for students and academics, see:

Renting out your house

If you own your house in Australia you may consider renting it out (furnished or unfurnished) rather than selling the property. Rental income on your own home will be taxable in Australia however there are tax deductions for rates, maintenance and agency fees. Some or all of the interest on your home mortgage may also be tax deductible. You should seek appropriate advice from your accountant and consult the International section of the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) Tax for Individuals website.