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Monday 29th September 2008

Scientific advice plays a fundamental role in the EU policy making process. The European Commission adopts its decisions and proposals based on the best and most authoritative scientific advice available. Therefore, the Commission now presents scientists with the rare opportunity to usher science out of the laboratory and into the policy making arena. The EU Scientific Risk Assessment Advisory Structure is a unique place where cutting-edge science meets political and legislative power. This is the place where your scientific knowledge may immediately affect the lives of millions through involvement in the drafting of new laws and regulations. This is the place where you will serve the whole of our society directly.

In addition to contributing to the EU science-based decision making process, your work for the Scientific Risk Assessment Advisory Structure will bring you a deep sense of personal satisfaction and professional prestige. The scientific opinions that you will produce exert an important impact on the overall scientific thinking in your area of expertise. In fact, those much-quoted opinions reach an unusually diverse, worldwide audience of scientists, politicians, legislators, stakeholders, industrial and citizens’ organizations. The multidisciplinary and highly interactive atmosphere that permeates the work of the Advisory Structure allows for multiple contacts, open discussions, and collaboration between scientists including opportunities for dialogue with decision makers at the highest level. These stimulating work conditions often serve as an impetus for the generation of new policies and/or new scientific research ideas. Finally, advising the European Commission gives right to a financial retribution.