Australian Researchers’ Mobility Portal

Wednesday 3rd September 2008

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, today announced Australian Government funding of $1 million over the next three years to support international research engagement for the humanities and social sciences.

The funding will be offered through the International Science Linkages program which aims to facilitate and support research cooperation between Australian researchers and leading counterparts from overseas.

“Extending the funding to these disciplines recognises the important contribution that the humanities, arts and social sciences make to the national innovation system,” Senator Carr said.

“The inclusion of specific support for the humanities and social sciences recognises their central role in building a strong and sustainable economy through innovation and creativity.

“Research in the humanities and social sciences is essential to meeting some of the great challenges facing the world today.

”An effective response to climate change, for example, will require adjustments throughout the whole of society. It’s an extremely complex issue with social, health and economic, as well as environmental implications,“ he said.

“Investment in high quality international collaborations across the humanities and social sciences will have a positive impact on Australia’s overall research effort.

”Collaboration internationally and across disciplines underpins Australia’s important contribution to the global research effort.

As a first step, I look forward to a greater collaboration between Australian and European researchers arising from discussions to be held with the European Commission at the end of this month” Senator Carr said.