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Tuesday 2nd October 2007

September 2007 was a busy month for the Go8 internationally. The 2008 round of the Go8 European Fellowships, which are now open to postdoc researchers from nine European countries, were announced on 31 August. Applications will close on 19 October 2007. The Fellowships offer early career researchers in Europe the opportunity to work in Go8 universities for up to six months.

To promote the Fellowships and to establish and deepen bi-lateral relationships with universities and national research institutions in the emerging European economies, a delegation of Go8 Directors International visited Estonia in September. The delegation was joined by the Australian Deputy Head of Mission in Stockholm, Mr David Jessup and the Go8 Executive Director, Michael Gallagher.

The Go8 greatly appreciates the efforts of the Estonian Department of Higher Education in hosting a roundtable discussion at Tartu University. The roundtable provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas on future capacities for international relations in education and research. In addition to the Head of the Estonian Department of Higher Education, Dr Jaan Kõrgesaar, and the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs at the University of Tartu, Professor Birute Klaas, representatives from the Estonian Centre of Behavioural and Health Sciences, the Institute of Physics, the Centre of Molecular and Clinical Medicine and the University of Life Sciences also participated in the roundtable.

The Go8 would also like to thank the universities of Tartu and Tallinn and the Tallinn University of Technology for their willingness to meet and discuss future research engagement and for their hospitality.

From Estonia the Go8 delegation flew to Trondheim in Norway for the 19th annual European Association for International Education (EAIE) Conference and Exhibition. For the third year in a row, the Go8 has sponsored a booth at this event, which continues to grow in size and popularity. This year, there were 187 institutions from 40 countries exhibiting and over 2,200 conference participants. The event provides an important opportunity for Go8 member universities to meet with current and potential research and exchange partners. In 2008 the conference will take place in Antwerp in Belgium from 11–13 September.