Australian Researchers’ Mobility Portal

Friday 28th September 2007

The programme aims to attract researchers from abroad and incorporate them, for a specific time frame, into the Greek research system with the upper goal of transferring R&T information and know- how to Greek research units.

The participants in the programme are two parties’ entities. The one part is the contractor and the other the co- finance entity. Contractors can be Universities, Technological Educational Institutes, public research centers and all Greek Institutes. On the one hand, the contractor is responsible towards the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) for the technical and financial management of the project. The funding is given by the GSRT to the contractor who is responsible for selecting a foreign researcher and ensure his participation in the project. The scientific responsible who is appointed by the contractor, undertakes the whole supervision of the project and constitutes the link between the GSRT and the contractor. On the other hand, the co- finance entity is a non- research entity, a productive or service provision unit, of the private or public sector. As co-finance entities can be considered, among others, the technological enterprises (e.g industrial research and technological development enterprises) and entities providing public or private services (e.g hospital units, the Hellenic organization for Standardization). The productive enterprises include spin-off companies founded by researchers, research organizations, executive and scientific personnel of the Universities and the Technological Educational Institutes, that target at commercially exploiting research results. Co- finance entities can also be enterprises, research centers or Universities which have their headquarters abroad.

In no case, can co-financing entity be a state research or higher education institution.

The rationale of the programme is to transfer information and know how from the international area to Greek research units in order to improve the networking among Greek and foreign research groups. The utilization of this know-how will effectively contribute to the economic and social development of Greece, to the transfer of best practices for analysing and elaborating data, to the solution of specific problems related to the development of sectors of economy and competitiveness and to the development of the proper infrastructure so that Greek research units incorporate into international R&T networks.