Australian Researchers’ Mobility Portal

Friday 13th July 2007

A new worldwide scientific portal has gone online, offering researchers and interested members of the public free access to more than 200 million pages of international research information.

The portal was jointly developed by the British Library and US Department of Energy (DOE), along with science and technology organisations in Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Japan.

Using federated search technology, the website provides a single entry point for searching in parallel a number of science portals, which are not easily accessible through commercial search engines. The portal will rely on scientific resources published by each participating country.

“Scientific research results are archived globally in a plethora of sources, many unknown and unreachable through usual search engines,” Raymond Orbach, Under Secretary for Science at the DOE. “This international partnership will open up this vast reservoir of knowledge in a rapid and convenient manner, something that will add great value to our existing knowledge.”

Several European countries have already provided online access to their own national libraries. Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF) connects research and specialised libraries to provide a network of electronic and other information sources. The French science.gouv provides access to scientific and technical information. Users can access a database, external education and research sites, and a directory of scientific resources by topic, resource type and audience type.

Germany’s Vascoda hosts content from partners’ scientific and central technical libraries, as well as libraries with specialised subsections for engineering and natural sciences, medicine and life sciences, economics and social sciences, and religious and cultural sciences.