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Thursday 20th October 2011

The University of Limerick wishes to enhance its research in the Applied Science & Engineering sphere and has made a strategic decision to concentrate its enhancement efforts in

  • Pharmaceutical Science and Engineering,
  • Modern Materials, Biomedical Materials and Engineering,
  • Energy and Sustainable Environment

Towards this end they have just announced the The Bernal Project which comprises ten professorships and a 12,000m2 research building.

The Bernal Professorships will be filled through a competitive externally advertised process guided by a worldwide professionally implemented search. Appointees will be offered full-time permanent contracts.

The ten new professors will be recruited on a phased basis with 4 recruited by September 2012, a further 3 by September 2013 and the final 3 by September 2014. The precise areas for the new professorships and the target dates for completing recruitment are shown in the following table. The phasing of recruitment has been designed in such a way that the immediate equipment and space needs of the earlier appointees can be met from existing infrastructure.

Immediatley they are seeking suitable qualified candidates in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Powder Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Energy
  • Alternative Energy Engineering