Australian Researchers’ Mobility Portal

This portal has all of the information you need to make that move easier.

The mobility of researchers to and from Australia is important for the vitality of Australia as a knowledge-driven economy within the global community. A mobile workforce is particularly important in promoting knowledge flows and ensuring a diverse and highly skilled workforce that has the capacity to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges.

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Finding information about pursuing a research career overseas can be a daunting task. You need access to a wide variety of resources: funding bodies, research institutions, government agencies, community information and more.

All of this information is now freely available from this single website, the Australian Researchers’ Mobility Portal. The information gathered here brings together these resources for Australians wishing to embark on international careers in research; international researchers wanting to explore opportunities in Australia; and Australian researchers returning home after having spent time overseas.

The Portal gives an overview of professional matters such as employment, fellowships, funding, research strengths, universities and other institutions. Also covered is logistical information, including immigration, visas, taxation, intellectual property, driving licenses and legal issues.

In addition, you will find information about language training, housing, schooling, insurance, healthcare, local culture and customs.